123SmartBMS Extended Module 

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The 123 Battery Management System

A smart modular Battery Management System (BMS) to keep your Lithium, LiFepo4, lto, NMC, NCA cells in perfect condition. This system was developed in the Netherlands and is produced in the Netherlands (and not by GWL in the Czech Republic or China). You protect your precious cells against imbalance, overcharging and deep discharge. This extends the life of the battery pack. You can use this system for off and on grid applications. Examples of use are: batteries for energy storage, in boats/ships, caravans, tiny houses, chalets, campsites, traction batteries for electric vehicles, power rollers, home energy storage, ups, and interrupted power supplies. By discouraging netting, the applications will increase. You can store a surplus of energy in a battery pack.
Simply connect your phone or victron GX device to the 123 Smart BMS to view relevant information about voltage per cell, energy consumption, stored energy, incoming and outgoing current, cell voltages and temperatures. With this information you can control charging with solar panels, wind turbines or generators, discharging and active balancing.