123/SmartBMS Extended Module

Does the software run on my computer?

The software runs on Microsoft Windows 7 or higher with .NET framework 4.5+. If you have Windows 7 and the installer does not work, please download the .NET Framework here.

Do I need the Extended Module?

This depends on what you need. 123SmartBMS is a stand-alone BMS systems and does not require the Extended Module. The Extended Module is primarily designed for vehicles, boats, CAN bus applications or customers in need of a more configurable solution. If you want to configure relays to switch based on via software chosen parameters or need the BMS data on a CAN bus network, the Extended Module is a perfect match.

Is it possible to power the Extended Module directly from my battery pack?

It is possible to run the Extended Module directly on a battery pack if the pack voltage is below 80V.

What criteria can be used to switch a signal relay?

There are many criteria which can be used to switch the signal relays. These are subdivided in three categories: hysteresis, booleans and day/time. For example: a relay can switch on when the SOC is below 20% and switch off again when the SOC has reached 70%. This can be useful to turn on generators.

What is the current consumption?

The standby current consumption is below 6mA when both CAN bus networks are switched off.